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The Ultra-light way to get into inversion therapy: Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots

Whether you live in small apartment or studio, hang ups gravity boots can be an excellent way to perform your favorite inversion exercises in a limited space. You can attach a pair of gravity boots to Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables, but you can also use it with any appropriately sized and sufficiently strong bar such as a pull up bar in your door frame!

If you fancy inversion exercises, these splendid hang ups gravity boots come with a double lock to enhance your safety and ease. Also, there are boot straps easily adjustable to your ankles. However, you should bear in mind that the maximum width of a bar cannot be more than 1.5 inches.

As they can be combined with Teeter inversion table and other bars, it makes them an ideal space saving solution.

Just like any other Teeter product, these hang ups gravity boots come with a 5-year warranty and customer reviews show high level of satisfaction among users.

If you have never tried inversion exercises or used inversion tables, here are several reasons why you should try it out;

● Inversion exercises intensify traditional exercises; traditional exercises are challenging per se, but using inversion tables (or hang up gravity boots) intensifies your moves, and you are forced to work harder because of the extra gravitational pull.
● As the inversion redirects the pressure off your joints, it enables them to achieve the full range of motions. It provides the ability to perform other workouts and increase your strength.
● Even if you are not doing any workout, just being in an inverted position makes you stretch your muscles, which enables your muscles to become stronger and repair any damage.
● It can increase your injuries and help you become a better athlete.view more details from

Here are most common inversion exercises you can try using hang ups gravity boots;

● Partial inversion stretching exercises;
● Full inversion stretching exercises.

Partial inversion

Arching your torso from side to side is a good way to target it and loosen the surrounding muscles. During the inversion exercises (with hang ups gravity boots) you should stretch your body outwards.
Another great way to stretch is crossing one arm over your body and hold on to the opposite side of the inversion table. Besides, you can use the inversion to stretch your neck and rotate your head and lift it.

Full inversion

inversion therapy

It is always good to start with partial inversion before attempting full inversion. If you do it the other way round, you may cause damage to your muscles. Full inversion exercises include; inverted squats, sit-ups, inversion table stretching and inverted crunches.

Be Safe

It is important to be safe while performing inversion exercises. Do not push yourself too hard in the beginning, as your body did not get used to the hard work; take it easy. Try to progress little by little, and gradually enhance your strength and flexibility.
Hang ups gravity boots are a great tool to achieve this as they enable you to work with gravity, but be sure to listen to your body.

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